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Captain's boat

3858668lg_thumb.jpg 5.7K
Engine Job

3858669lg_thumb.jpg 4.3K
3Friends on the fantail

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3859000lg_thumb.jpg 5.0K

3859001lg_thumb.jpg 4.0K
Paul Revere(APA-248)

3859002lg_thumb.jpg 5.3K
Boat Shop

3859126lg_thumb.jpg 5.6K

3859127lg_thumb.jpg 3.4K
Return from Beach

3859128lg_thumb.jpg 3.6K
LCVP's waiting to come aboard

3859129lg_thumb.jpg 6.0K
Ship's Inspection

4101870lg_thumb.jpg 3.8K
View from the Magoffin

4101873lg_thumb.jpg 5.4K
Shopping in Da Nang

4101874lg_thumb.jpg 5.6K
Across from the boat landing in Da Nang

4101875lg_thumb.jpg 6.6K
Da Nang Shopping

4426195lg_thumb.jpg 7.2K
Hong Kong In the background

4426196lg_thumb.jpg 7.9K
Water Fall in Hong Kong

2060743lg_thumb.jpg 6.6K
All Hands, Steak on deck.

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